a tale of two tops

29 February 2008


:: project 1 – the ladybird top

A few weeks ago Sally came to visit me for the weekend. On Sunday it rained and we were tired, so instead of going to Hope St Markets, we decided to stay in and have Sally teach me to sew knits. The talented minx traced my favourite t-shirt to make a pattern and we set about making a top out of a remnant I’d bought on impulse.

me: So, I’ve laid this out – should I measure from the fold to make sure it’s straight?

Sally: Nah. It’s a knit. It’ll stretch.

me: Oh no! I’m not sure it’s symetrical round the neckline

Sally. No worries. It’s a knit. It’ll stretch.

me: That sleeve cap is really shallow – is it going to fit?

Sally: It’ll be fine. It’s a knit. It’ll stretch.

me: Do I need to finish this seam?

Sally. Nah. It’s a knit. It won’t fray.

By the time Sally left, I had a top. She left me with strict instructions about hemming it, which I haven’t done, because (a) I am lazy; (b) my sewing machine has been in for a service; (c) I don’t want it any shorter; and (d) it’s a knit. It won’t fray, right?

Project Two

Ms J arrived at my house with some gorgeous vintage fabric that she, talented minx, had screen-printed with a gorgeous organic design. We decide to turn it into a tunic by tracing her favourite top.

Luckily we cut out the lining first and sewed it up and Ms J tried it on.

J: Hmmm, not bad!

me: Oh no…

J: I think if we just sort of pull it here and…

me: Oh god… no. So many problems. The darts are uneven. And it’s all lumpy and..

J: No, I think it’s ok.

me: No really, it isn’t. It’s…. broken. And I don’t know how to fix it.

J: Sure you do! You’re really good this stuff.

me: Your faith is misplaced.

J: C’mon, it’ll be fine.

me: *sniff* No. I think I need to sulk now.

J: Oh…

J: Well, can I play on the sewing machine anyway?

me: Sure. I’ll be over here, confronting my inadequacy.

There are no photos of Project Two. It will still happen at some stage, I hope, but I will be armed with a commercial pattern before I start. I am not the talented minx I thought I was.

3 Responses to “a tale of two tops”

  1. Sally said

    You are too a talented minx – you knit like a mofo. And it’s easy to paint me as a talented minx when you leave out all my mistakes like making the sleeves too slim. Anyway the only bad thing that will happen if you don’t hem it is it will roll up a bit. If you can live with that, then you’re allowed to be lazy. One talented minx to another.

  2. Jenny said

    cool! I like the slightly rolling effect and the hem would just make it look like a trad top, when really it’s singing “grooooovy”.

    One day I hope to be a talented minx like you!

  3. Christine said

    I love this idea. It is wonderful and it turned out wonderful. I am jealous. I want to learn to make this. I am definately inspired. Did you have to use a serger?

    Thanks for your inspiration……

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