:: green gable from zephyr knits

Remember this top?  The one I was going to make up, all on my own?  It didn’t work.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  I couldn’t fix it.  So I ‘frogged’ it and bought a pattern for something similar.

However, the pattern nearly sent me over the edge. Once the fancy bit was done and the sleeves finished, it was just miles and miles of stocking stitch.  The only way I could bear it was to take it stitch’n’bitch so I could talk and knit at the same time.

Pretty pleased with the result though.


new pattern

25 March 2008

For those who liked the scarf, the pattern is now available on the patterns page and through Ravelry.  Happy knitting, and do let me know if you need help with the instructions.

I’ve named it Alma Park, after the park in the town where I grew up.

easter goodies

25 March 2008

Easter is the nicest time of year to visit my parents, when the leaves are turning and the days are crisp and clear.  It’s a chance to visit Mollydale Knits and indulge in some handspun local wool.


:: handspun

And then pop next door to Barking Dog Gallery to see another talented woman and her beautiful ceramics.


:: crackle glaze bowl by Christine Ball  (that yellow thing is a quince, grown by my father)


:: harvest

Pears and Granny Smiths from my father’s trees, red apples from the wild tree that grows by the road into town.

And I can’t leave without my mother pressing me to accept homegrown tomatoes, silverbeet, and a slab of cranberry cake.  Yum! With all that abundance, there’s no need for chocolate.

Well, maybe just a little.

thinking winter

16 March 2008


:: scarf idea I’m playing with

I want to make a scarf in rich colours with wavy lines.  I’ve not got it quite right yet – the one above uses a variation of feather-and-fan stitch, but won’t sit completely flat.  More playing, more fiddling.


:: beret

I wanted to make this hat using some lovely soft alpaca/wool that Sally gave me, but it wasn’t the right weight.  So I just had to riff off the pattern and do my own thing – I think it came out pretty well, though not as slouchy as the original, and the softness of the alpaca is a bit wasted on a knobbly texture.

And thinking about winter, about tweedy pants and a boiled wool coat, a velvet jacket and a soft wool vest.  If only it wasn’t so hot…