thinking winter

16 March 2008


:: scarf idea I’m playing with

I want to make a scarf in rich colours with wavy lines.  I’ve not got it quite right yet – the one above uses a variation of feather-and-fan stitch, but won’t sit completely flat.  More playing, more fiddling.


:: beret

I wanted to make this hat using some lovely soft alpaca/wool that Sally gave me, but it wasn’t the right weight.  So I just had to riff off the pattern and do my own thing – I think it came out pretty well, though not as slouchy as the original, and the softness of the alpaca is a bit wasted on a knobbly texture.

And thinking about winter, about tweedy pants and a boiled wool coat, a velvet jacket and a soft wool vest.  If only it wasn’t so hot…


8 Responses to “thinking winter”

  1. Sally said

    The wavy scarf looks fun – and I reckon flat is over-rated… The alpaca looks nice – and it’s getting chilly enough here to start get out the winter woolies.

  2. ash said

    That scarf is wonderful!

  3. Kim said

    I agree, scarf is very nice indeed! And your neck isn’t flat, why should your scarf be?

  4. macati said

    the scarf is sooooo beautiful! love the colours!

  5. greenolive said

    OMG – I’ve made exactly the same scarf in bubblegum pink, pale pink, off white and dove grey using cotton rather than wool. I’ve even blocked it, but haven’t sewn in the ends yet. But I don’t think I like it…maybe I need to take a second look at it?

  6. Karina said

    What pattern is that? Did you get it from a book? I LOVE it!!!

  7. Jenny said

    NICE work.
    Sigh. I have to undo an awful patons Jet cardigan I made last winter… the picture on the cover looked great… but it looks like two bits of dishcloth on me…

    love the beret. I want a beret but am not sure my knitting skills are up to it. Any ideas for an easy, remedial one?

    PS when are you moving?

  8. […] based on this one, which I made last year.  Since then I’ve gotten much better at planning what needs to […]

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