let us never speak of stocking stitch again

31 March 2008


:: green gable from zephyr knits

Remember this top?  The one I was going to make up, all on my own?  It didn’t work.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  I couldn’t fix it.  So I ‘frogged’ it and bought a pattern for something similar.

However, the pattern nearly sent me over the edge. Once the fancy bit was done and the sleeves finished, it was just miles and miles of stocking stitch.  The only way I could bear it was to take it stitch’n’bitch so I could talk and knit at the same time.

Pretty pleased with the result though.

13 Responses to “let us never speak of stocking stitch again”

  1. Sally said

    I like the fancy bit! And your miles and miles of stocking stitch looks very neat and even.

  2. kylie said

    I really love it, it’s simplicity makes it beautiful. worth the mind numbing boringness of all that stocking stitch. I think I might give it a go. The end product is devine.

  3. Nettie said

    But it’s gorgeous!

  4. molly said

    I love it! It’s gorgeous. I can completely sympathize with the stockinette stitch. I volunteered to make my fiance a seamless hybrid pullover. It’s ALL stockinette. It’s absolute torture. He was supposed to get it for his birthday… in October. Whoops.

    But now I am inspired to knit tees. Absolutely lovely!

  5. ash said

    That looks great!

  6. Kim said

    Very nice! Pretty but not ostenatious, and it makes you look a little bit “Princess Mary goes to the local markets” (not sure if you like that or not, but it does look good on you!)

  7. me said

    Thanks everyone. I’m often caught in the bind of being easily bored, but liking simple things to look at/wear/own.

    And love the thought of looking like Princess Mary – now if only I could manage the velvet complexion, shiny hair and chic accessories as well!

  8. Bec said

    Oh wow, this is gorgeous. All that stocking stitch was SO worth it!!

  9. 2paw said

    I agree: that’s lots of stocking stitch but it looks great!!

  10. jenny said

    Oh i love it! It looks fantastic. So classic, simple and elegant.
    I’ve realised my knitting skills are fairly basic, so I like lots of plain knitting! I think you must be a knitting supremo!

    Oh, and I have stomach envy. Where do I get a flat stomach like that?!

  11. Raina said

    I love the simplicity and styling of that knit…the fit is great on you.

  12. Helen said

    oh, beautiful. I’m green with envy.

  13. Kylie said

    well worth the effort, mind-numbing as it would have been!

    Looks great.

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