WordPress has a new feature that places links at the bottom of your post to “possibly related posts” – it searches through a database of all other WordPress.com blogs to do so.

Not a problem, you might think?  Way to generate traffic?  So I thought too, until I realised a post featuring some pictures from a vintage knitting blog (which included a pic of a little girl in a bikini) had a collection of related links pointing visitors to some, shall we say, dubious sites.

For the record, here’s how you turn off the feature:

1. Go to the Administration Panels > Design > Extras.
2. Check Hide Related Links.
3. Click Update.


shalom shalom

28 April 2008

I’ve been lurking around Meghan’s blog for a while, and I loved her Shalom cardigan from recycled yarn the first time I set eyes on it.

This is my version, unfortunately not in recycled yarn, because I am a fibre snob and my local op shop does not stock sufficient silk, cashmere and pure merino for my taste.  So my version uses Jo Sharp’s Silk Road Ultra, in a colour called Clinker (it’s a dark blacky-blue).

This was a very easy pattern and took about two weeks to make (and about half of that time was me ripping back and reknitting because I forgot to count rows for the yoke).  I made these adjustments:

  • My row tension was 18 rows to 4″, so I did 7 rows of twisted rib for each ‘circle’ on the yoke, instead of 9
  • I added 5 extra stitches under each arm because my bust’s a bit bigger than Meghan’s.  I think actually I added slightly too much, as the armholes sag ever so slightly, but I’ll see how it fits once it’s been washed
  • I used sl1-k2tog-psso for the decreases on the side seams, because I think it looks nicer.

Mr MachenMachen christened it the Moonraker cardi, because when he saw it laid out like this, he said the arms reminded him of the opening scenes of the Bond film where one spaceship eats another.

have bag, will travel

21 April 2008

One of my bags is venturing up the Inca Trail right now, and its owner took this photo for me.

Having written all the names in copperplate script on finest notepaper and drawn one out of a Ming vase asked a random number generator, I am pleased to announce that the winner is….

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Having conducted a sophisticated statistical analysis tallied up responses on the back of an envelope, it seems most people found me through the wasp bag, wardrobe refashion, or they can’t remember.

WordPress is a little more sophisticated;  it tells me:

Total Views: 62,258

Best Day Ever: 1,930 — Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Posts: 107

Comments: 396

More stats over the break for the nerds amongst you.

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things to see

7 April 2008

If I had moved to Canberra, I could go to this.

But I haven’t moved yet, so maybe I’ll have to go to this instead.

(links from Ninaribena and Colette)

PS – don’t forget to enter the 105th post giveaway.