105th post giveaway!

6 April 2008

Here it is! The 105th post giveaway includes:

  • a doorstop (from Lotta Jansdotter’s book)*;
  • set of four coasters;
  • a Japanese craft book – it has 29 designs for bags you can sew yourself, and includes the patterns. It is written in Japanese, but has clear diagrams and measurements; and
  • a mystery gift!

Want to win this swag-o-goodies? All you have to do is satisfy my curiosity. Leave a comment telling me how you found my blog, before next Sunday 13 April. I’ll draw the names out of a hat on Monday and post the name of the lucky winner then.

PS: I am going to do two more giveaways int he near future, because I have more books I don’t want and am quite happy to reduce my fabric stash by making things to go with them. So if you don’t win this time, keep coming back, because you might be lucky second time around.

*Clarification:ย  The doorstop weighs about 2kg when filled.ย  So I will post it unfilled, with instructions for the lucky recipient on how to fill it (you use beans, or rice).

34 Responses to “105th post giveaway!”

  1. Lara said

    I actually think that it was a recommended blog from google reader: but I clicked on it because I love the name! I keep coming back for the crafts.

  2. me said

    Holy moly, Lara, that was quick!

  3. Christy said

    Originally I found your blog from the “sewing” tag on WordPress, now it’s in my bookmarks! I love reading other crafters blogs!!!

  4. Sally said

    Do you know I actually don’t remember how I found your blog? I think you sent me an email, but only after you’d been secretly blogging for a while. Nice coasters! But how are you going to post the doorstop?

  5. Jessica said

    I used the google blog search and typed in knitting!

  6. allison said

    I saw a link to your wasp bag! Still my favorite sewing project ever!

  7. bunnyb said

    First time here and I found you through a link from one of my subscribed blogs – not sure which one though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. moose845 said

    I found you on the blog surfer through my blog. I love your site!

  9. claudine said

    I think I found your blog because you linked to my blog at one time and it showed up in my stats (I’m vain, I know!) Then I saw your wasp bag, and I’ve kept you on my bloglines ever since. Congrats on 105 posts!

  10. 2paw said

    I have just borrowed the Lotta book from the Library!! It’s great!! I have no idea where I found you, and I’m glad to see other comments say the same. I was feeling guilty!!!

  11. thornberry said

    I found you via the WordPress tag browser ages ago – and I have made your wasp bag. Congratulations on 105 posts!

  12. Bec said

    I’m another one who can’t say how I found you – you’ve been in my bloglines for so long now I have forgotten how you got there!!!! Maybe through Craftser? Or EB? Or maybe just via one of my link journeys from someone else’s blog lol! Anyways, I’m glad I did find you as I always enjoy your posts. Cheers! Bec.

  13. Hi! I am a brazilian living in Washingtonm DC and recently I fell in love with crafts again (I used to make dolls for supporting me in College, 20 years ago!) so now I am always looking for good crafts blogs and I am one of 74 people who read your blog everyday in Bloglines. I’ve found you looking for bad patterns in Google. I think that Google first directed me to Flickr and then I looked for a blog in your Profile and … voilรก!

  14. mymsie said

    I’m not positive but I think I found your blog via a link to your wasp bag pattern. I especially took notice because my minor in college was German. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Becca said

    I found your blog through Ravelry! And I come back to see what you turn the yarn I sell you into ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Ashley H. said

    I found your blog via the Wasp pattern on a blog that linked to your tutorial. I think the blog that linked to you was “My half of the brain.”

    Love seeing your creations and getting some good inspiration here!

  17. MaggieN said

    I found your blog a while back when nikki shell blogged about making your wasp bag and linked to it. I love your blog and all the things you make and do.

  18. Leslie said

    I can’t remember whose, but I clicked on your link on someone else’s blog role. Love your posts and am so jealous that you live in my favorite place! ( I spent 6 months in Australia in 2002)

  19. Jessie said

    I found your blog through a link in another blog, but I can’t remember which one! Sorry!

  20. pintoo said

    you have got a great blog here. i found you through googling.

  21. Ilissa H. said

    What a great giveaway. I’d love to win! I especially like the coasters. They are beautiful. I am sure they’re are so many things I could make out of the Japanese craft book. I found your blog just through a random blog search on google.

  22. Hollie said

    Congratulations on the 105!! I can’t remember how I first found your blog but after reading the other comments I think it was the wasp bag too!

  23. Veronica said

    I found your blog from a post that someone left on the Learning to Sew group on Flickr in a discussion about free sewing patterns. Great blog! I love it!

  24. xanadufan said

    Hi! I found your blog via nikki shell’s link to the wasp bag pattern – loved it and have sinced book marked your site in my ‘regular reads’ folder. Well done! M.

  25. Stacey said

    That darn Wasp bag drew me in! I love it….you are a great crafter/designer! Keep up the good stuff!

  26. Donna said

    I don’t remember which blog, but it linked to your wonderful Wasp bag pattern. Thanks so much for posting it, I’ve made 2 bags from it and plan to make a third!

  27. I found your blog through specialsmallstuff’s blog. I love the way that people find each other’s sites. It makes me want to sit my ass down and update my own tonight as it’s been too long and there’s so much I want to say!

  28. seagreen said

    I know you in RL and follow your every online adventure with joy ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I found your blog through a random search on “Google Blog Search”.

    Great site, count me in on the drawing.

  30. trish said

    I have a search saved through Google, and your blog came up!

  31. Robyn said

    Hi there. I found this blog quite recently through a link to your wasp bag on Whip-Up (I’ve been looking through your archives to catch up on anything I’ve missed!).

  32. jenny said

    Well, it all began with nikkishell’s wardrobe refashion. I didn’t know about the parallel universe that is craft/sewing/knitting/design/goodness online. Without overstating matters, I can say that your blog, and the many other crafty ones I have found by leapfrogging from one to the next, were part of what got me through a terribly unhappy time in my life last year. Yaaay!

  33. Lorih said

    This time, I found your bag through Bec at The Small Stuff (http://specialsmallstuff.blogspot.com/). I stumbled upon your blog before though, and I am absolutely in love with your pattern for The Wasp Bag!

  34. Stef said

    I found you through Wardrobe Refashion, and really enjoyed your non-refashion stuff too so I kept coming back.

    (Thanks for the tutorial on turning wide pants into a straight skirt– I made a great skirt that way and I’d like to try another soon!)

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