a small tip for wordpress users…

28 April 2008

WordPress has a new feature that places links at the bottom of your post to “possibly related posts” – it searches through a database of all other WordPress.com blogs to do so.

Not a problem, you might think?  Way to generate traffic?  So I thought too, until I realised a post featuring some pictures from a vintage knitting blog (which included a pic of a little girl in a bikini) had a collection of related links pointing visitors to some, shall we say, dubious sites.

For the record, here’s how you turn off the feature:

1. Go to the Administration Panels > Design > Extras.
2. Check Hide Related Links.
3. Click Update.


2 Responses to “a small tip for wordpress users…”

  1. rebecca77 said

    Thanks for the tip – I have altered my blog thanks to that info!

  2. Thanks for posting this.

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