shalom shalom

28 April 2008

I’ve been lurking around Meghan’s blog for a while, and I loved her Shalom cardigan from recycled yarn the first time I set eyes on it.

This is my version, unfortunately not in recycled yarn, because I am a fibre snob and my local op shop does not stock sufficient silk, cashmere and pure merino for my taste.  So my version uses Jo Sharp’s Silk Road Ultra, in a colour called Clinker (it’s a dark blacky-blue).

This was a very easy pattern and took about two weeks to make (and about half of that time was me ripping back and reknitting because I forgot to count rows for the yoke).  I made these adjustments:

  • My row tension was 18 rows to 4″, so I did 7 rows of twisted rib for each ‘circle’ on the yoke, instead of 9
  • I added 5 extra stitches under each arm because my bust’s a bit bigger than Meghan’s.  I think actually I added slightly too much, as the armholes sag ever so slightly, but I’ll see how it fits once it’s been washed
  • I used sl1-k2tog-psso for the decreases on the side seams, because I think it looks nicer.

Mr MachenMachen christened it the Moonraker cardi, because when he saw it laid out like this, he said the arms reminded him of the opening scenes of the Bond film where one spaceship eats another.

5 Responses to “shalom shalom”

  1. greenolive said

    love the silk road ultra and love the reasoning behind the moonraker moniker – that yoke looks a bit tricky…

  2. Nora said

    Stunning! I love it on you.

  3. Meghan said

    How’s this for some reciprocal lurking? I’m glad it worked out for you! And I laughed about the Moonraker comment–I think it looks really funny on its own, too, but pretty cute when worn.

  4. rebecca77 said

    Thanks for sharing your Shalom top – it looks so good that I have put it on my list in Ravelry.

  5. Carson said

    Nice! Really like this.
    Clinker’s a good choice

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