19 May 2008


… for people to call me back about a new job

… for Mr MachenMachen to come home

… for the next step

… for the annual sale at my favourite wool shop

… for the kettle to boil

… for the 18th of May to be over everywhere in the world so I can announce the winner of the bloggity birthday give-away

I have run out of patience with the last.  Sorry to the thousands of readers in French Polynesia and Alaska.

The winner is Siobhan.  Yay!  Many happy hours of pin-sticking, clothes-altering, and coaster-utilisation to you.  And thanks to everyone who left a comment – what a wide variety of places you come from and what different things you do.  Shine on, you crazy diamonds.


Yesterday was the blog’s first birthday. I recently realised, when I met some blog readers in real life, that unless you’re German/Scandinavian or you speak a northern european language, my blog name is unpronounceable. For the record, machen/machen is pronounced

‘maxən ‘maxən

(muh-hhhhh-nnnn muh-hhhhh-nnnn).

I’m curious. How do you pronounce it? Tell me in the comments, and you’ll go into the draw to win the Grand Prize, which consists of the following:

:: a pincushion

:: some coasters (but not the cups, sorry)

:: a copy of Altered Clothing

Entries close Midnight Sunday the 18th of May. And for the record, I don’t care how you pronounce machen/machen, I’m just glad you read it. Thank you – I tremendously enjoy having an audience, especially one that comments.