happy bloggity birthday giveaway

14 May 2008

Yesterday was the blog’s first birthday. I recently realised, when I met some blog readers in real life, that unless you’re German/Scandinavian or you speak a northern european language, my blog name is unpronounceable. For the record, machen/machen is pronounced

‘maxən ‘maxən

(muh-hhhhh-nnnn muh-hhhhh-nnnn).

I’m curious. How do you pronounce it? Tell me in the comments, and you’ll go into the draw to win the Grand Prize, which consists of the following:

:: a pincushion

:: some coasters (but not the cups, sorry)

:: a copy of Altered Clothing

Entries close Midnight Sunday the 18th of May. And for the record, I don’t care how you pronounce machen/machen, I’m just glad you read it. Thank you – I tremendously enjoy having an audience, especially one that comments.

35 Responses to “happy bloggity birthday giveaway”

  1. allison said


  2. Karyn said


    Happy first birthday! Congrats!

  3. Meghan said

    I took German in high school, so I pronounce it the way you do (although without the nifty phonetic symbols, hee). Happy blog-birthday!

  4. Missy said



    Language is amazing.

    I guess now I have outed myself as a stalker of your blog too! So refreshing.

  5. Kerry said

    I suppose I always thought it was a play on words and meaning and have been pronouncing it “makin’/makin'” as in a slang of “making” hehe Happy Birthday!

  6. Ika said

    I also went with the German pronounciation – but well, I am scandinavian and have taken German classes for several years – so I guess I didn’t have any other choice. 🙂

  7. Leslie said


    I’m a little embaressed that I was so off!

  8. Mette said

    I pronounce it the German way. I wonder how people pronounce Erleperle…. Have a great day, Ali.

  9. Anna said

    What a well-read bunch we are! I pronounce it the German way too, because my husband is Austro/Hungarian so these things tend to creep into our everyday speech.

  10. Silversara said

    I’ve taken several years of german, so I pronounced it the way your nifty phonetics showed 😉

  11. nim said

    I’m lazy so I say “mah-ckin”, almost “mockin”. Mockin’ mockin!

  12. Hilary said

    In my head it was Makin’/Makin’. I’m glad to know the actual pronunciation!

  13. jenny said

    golly gosh. I’ve been ‘saying’ it wrong in my head allll this time! I did year 8 German, but obviously it’s all left my brain…. coz I say it (in my head) just as it is written – mach-en mach-en

    I’m blushing!!! But thanks for telling those of us who aren’t linguistically inclined. I will try really hard to ‘say’ it correctly from now on!

  14. Bec said

    He he he…I feel so…..well…Aussie!!!! I’ve been saying makin’ makin’, as in “I’ve been makin’ stuff”. In fact, I must be a real yokel, as even after reading your pronunciation, I still don’t think I understand exactly how to say it….

  15. Jade said

    Outing myself here….but in my head I’ve been pronouncing it “matchen, matchen”.

  16. Mary said

    Like many others: “Mock-en”

    Sorry, my second language is Spanish!

  17. macati said

    I say machen machen like in germany as I was born in germany… but if I were read it like a portuguese (as I am) I would pronounce it maschen maschen…

  18. Roslyn said


    I pronounce it Mack-in, mack-in tee hee hee. I still don’t think I will do it he right way based on your phonetics. Maybe you should put up an audio file of you saying it when you determine who the winner is!

  19. Becca said

    I’m a mix of all of the above – I say it ‘muck-in’, but fast because there’s two of them… so it sounds like a bird making an unusual sound… (that’s my 7am analysis anyway)

  20. sandra said

    I’m of the “MAHkin-MAHkin” school of thought.

  21. Mean Mommy said

    I’ve always pronounced it Mah-ken Mah-ken. Great to know how it’s really pronounce! What a sweet little pin cushion.

    Happy Blogiversary!

  22. Kathy said

    I have always said it “Matchen Matchen” 😛 The proper way looks so much more poetical! I tried saying it but I was probably way off, darn my Aussie drawl… Happy Blog Birthday!

  23. Ilissa H. said

    I pronounce it ma-kin ma-kin. I am quite far off from the actual translation. Thank you for sharing the right way with everyone! I’d love to be entered in your giveaway. All the prizes look wonderful.

  24. Karin said

    I can hear my high school German teacher now—(and I’d rather not!) Claps hands over her ears. He was an odd duck!

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  25. Kari Follett said


    Thanks for the contest!!

  26. bunnyb said

    Mahc-khen 😛

    Happy Bloggity Birthday! Wheee!!

  27. michelle rosborough said

    Mockin – like the bird

  28. Siobhan said

    I have always thought of your blog as maytchen/maytchen – definately an Aussie pronunciation! I shall try to reeducate myself!
    Happy Birthday regardless of how we all say it!

  29. Sally said

    I pronounce it the German way too. Once, bach when I was living overseas, I bought a “teach yourself German” book and I used to practise counting when I was doing weights at the gym. Hah – that’s back when I was going to the gym, too!

  30. fiona said

    maychen maychen! happy blog birthday!

  31. Sandra said

    I always pronounced it as make-in/make-in but figured it wasn’t right. Now I know! Thanks, and happy birthday!

  32. breezily said

    Mach-en Mach-en, with the ch pronounced softly as in the Scottish word loch.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  33. glista said

    took some german, so the right way 🙂

  34. greenolive said

    Something like that…Hey your blog is about 6 weeks older than mine. Happy blog birthday.

  35. Amy said

    The german: maw-cken maw-cken (with a gutteral ckh kind of sound).

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