19 May 2008


… for people to call me back about a new job

… for Mr MachenMachen to come home

… for the next step

… for the annual sale at my favourite wool shop

… for the kettle to boil

… for the 18th of May to be over everywhere in the world so I can announce the winner of the bloggity birthday give-away

I have run out of patience with the last.  Sorry to the thousands of readers in French Polynesia and Alaska.

The winner is Siobhan.  Yay!  Many happy hours of pin-sticking, clothes-altering, and coaster-utilisation to you.  And thanks to everyone who left a comment – what a wide variety of places you come from and what different things you do.  Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

3 Responses to “…waiting”

  1. Siobhan said

    How Lucky I am – thank you!

  2. greenolive said

    That is a fabulous shop – whenever I went o Sydney on a conference I always wangled a trip to their. I love their rosewood needles and have just discovered they are 40% off!

  3. Nora said

    Beautiful photo. Just what I needed this morning. I’m waiting for certain things too… 🙂 It helps to read about someone else’s thoughts – so similar yet different.

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