letter swap 2008

23 June 2008

I think we have enough people to make it work! If you’re still keen to play, please email your full name and postal address to machenmachen (at) gmail (dot) com by 30 June 2008. Include your blog URL if you have one, and I’ll create a blogroll of everyone who’s playing. If you know other people who might be interested in participating, do encourage them to sign up.

  • Each participant will be sent three names and addresses and will write a letter, by hand, to each one.
  • Each participant will then receive three letters, and must reply to them
  • By the end of the swap, everyone should have written six letters and received 6 letters.

Key Dates:

30 June 2008: Sign ups close

4 July 2008: Swap partners’ names and addresses emailed out

25 July 2008: Post your first three letters

31 August 2008: Reply to three letters received


All letters must be hand written on proper stationery

If sending letters overseas, use airmail, not surface mail.


Permanent page for swap details: https://machenmachen.wordpress.com/letter-swap-2008/

Blog posts about the swap: https://machenmachen.wordpress.com/category/letter-swap/

Blog badge if you want to use it: https://machenmachen.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/letter-swap-badge.jpg

Privacy: Your name and address will only be disclosed to your swap partners.  I will only publish your nickname and blog URL on the blog-roll.  None of your personal details will be retained after the swap is complete.


fancy a swap?

17 June 2008

Image from the National Archives of Australia C4078, N10354

I’ve been thinking lately, how nice it is to get a letter. To find an envelope in the letter box, with my name written on the front, not typed, not postage-paid, no window on the front, no ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘to the householder’, no requests for money. Just a letter. A letter that’s about me and the writer. A letter that exists only because the writer felt moved to tell someone about something. And I got to thinking, if I organised a letter swap, would you like to join in, and get a letter for yourself?

I thought it could work like this:

  • each swap particpant is emailed three names and addresses
  • the participant writes a letter to each of the three. You can write about whatever you like, but you have to write by hand, and on nice stationery of some sort
  • post your letters, sit back and wait for three letters to arrive for you
  • and write three replies to those letter

So over the course of the swap, each participant will write 6 letters and receive 6 letters. And I bet that’s 6 more letters than you’ve received in the last 6 months, isn’t it?

If you’re keen, leave a comment and if there’s enough people to make it work, I will get organising.

Image sourced from the National Archives of Australia - C4078, N11018

Images in this post come from the National Archives of Australia, catalogue numbers C4078, N11018 and C4078, N10354


15 June 2008

:: it’s been a bit cobwebby around here lately…

I have more to write about, but there’s Jane Austen on the telly, so I’ll be back tomorrow night.  If you want something new, I’ve imported a few projects from the craft blog I used to share with Kim & Sally.  Scroll down to the Archives links at the bottom of this page, and start at November 2006.

There was an element of blood-sweat-and-tears in this vest.  I cast on for the wrong size and had to rip out and start again.  Then I lost count of the rows, and had to start again, again.  And then I lost count again, and had to rip back halfway….

Anyway… It’s done now and I reckon it looks all right eh?   Sorry about the slightly blurry photos – it’s grey and rainy here and the light is difficult.

The yarn is Griganasco  Champagne (75% wool, 25% silk) and the pattern comes from  Knitty. More pictures over the jump.

:: I like the scooped out neckline

:: close up of the honey comb stitch.