15 June 2008

:: it’s been a bit cobwebby around here lately…

I have more to write about, but there’s Jane Austen on the telly, so I’ll be back tomorrow night.  If you want something new, I’ve imported a few projects from the craft blog I used to share with Kim & Sally.  Scroll down to the Archives links at the bottom of this page, and start at November 2006.

2 Responses to “ps”

  1. jen said

    it’s good you’re back. I’ve been lookin for posts but there’s been nuthin…

    Hey, great pic of cobwebs. Where were you in relation to the sun? My last effort with ze cobwebs wasn’t too flash (as it were) coz the sun was right in the pic, too.

    Did you like Northanger Abbey? I thought it was better than the last version of that one from years ago.. but that could be because I’m not as familiar with the story. I thought the version of Persuasion from 2 weeks ago was far inferior to the Amanda Root/Ciaran Hinds version of 1995.

    a reader

  2. me said

    the sun was on my left and I was standing in the shade (it was about 9am, I think, so the sun was quite low)

    I was all ready to be scared to death by Northanger Abbey and then wasn’t.

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