fancy a swap?

17 June 2008

Image from the National Archives of Australia C4078, N10354

I’ve been thinking lately, how nice it is to get a letter. To find an envelope in the letter box, with my name written on the front, not typed, not postage-paid, no window on the front, no ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘to the householder’, no requests for money. Just a letter. A letter that’s about me and the writer. A letter that exists only because the writer felt moved to tell someone about something. And I got to thinking, if I organised a letter swap, would you like to join in, and get a letter for yourself?

I thought it could work like this:

  • each swap particpant is emailed three names and addresses
  • the participant writes a letter to each of the three. You can write about whatever you like, but you have to write by hand, and on nice stationery of some sort
  • post your letters, sit back and wait for three letters to arrive for you
  • and write three replies to those letter

So over the course of the swap, each participant will write 6 letters and receive 6 letters. And I bet that’s 6 more letters than you’ve received in the last 6 months, isn’t it?

If you’re keen, leave a comment and if there’s enough people to make it work, I will get organising.

Image sourced from the National Archives of Australia - C4078, N11018

Images in this post come from the National Archives of Australia, catalogue numbers C4078, N11018 and C4078, N10354

16 Responses to “fancy a swap?”

  1. Stef said

    Count me in if this materializes. ^__^

  2. LOVE the idea – I’m totally in!

  3. LynS said

    What fun! Would love to participate.

  4. Samantha said

    I would be in for it. I love receiving letters.

  5. Diana said

    Oh this is up my alley and would LOVE to participate.

  6. helena said

    sounds absolutely lovely! please, count me in.

    i had a pen pal in africa in high school (for french class), and we wrote each other lots of letters.

    and in college, one of my best friends always wrote me letters, she was a true luddite who didn’t get email until about 3 years ago.

    for a girl with a stationery problem, the internet is a great tragedy.

    mmm. letters…

  7. Robyn said

    Great idea. Sign me up!

  8. livebird said

    Mee, too! I love mail. I’d love more mail.

  9. macati said

    yayyyyyyy! I’m IN… so cool!!!!

  10. jenny said

    yes please! I love to write and receive letters!

  11. Bethieee said

    Ooh, Please count me in!

  12. Nettie said

    I think it’s a lovely idea. Count me in, too.

  13. Tiana said

    I think this sounds awesome 🙂

  14. Ninaribena said

    Ohh, me too! sounds like gorgeous fun! I too love receiving mail and writing on the cute stationery I have accumulated!

  15. This swap sounds great! Thank you for hosting. Please count me in. I will send you my information now! 🙂

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