reminder: post your letters tomorrow

24 July 2008

Yes all you letter swappers – including me – Tomorrow (Friday 25 July) is the deadline to post your first three letters!

5 Responses to “reminder: post your letters tomorrow”

  1. LynS said

    Ooooh, Ali! I think I’m going to miss my letter deadline – in fact I know I am. I’m presently overwhelmed by my Tour de France KAL and a visit from my doted-upon grand-daughter. But I’ll try my hardest for Monday’s post.

  2. jenny said

    It wasn’t til I got my first letter (from a diligent correspondent) that I realised there was even a deadline! And isn’t writing a real letter a challenge? There’s no going back with backspace and delete – my drop in concentration and misspelt word is there for all to see! Loving it!

  3. helena said

    i may be late, too…but definitely will have the letters in monday’s post!

  4. Nettie said

    Mine will be in tomorrow’s post, too! Yikes, the time just sped by, but I have already received a lovely letter from Washington State.

  5. Nettie said

    OK, 3 out, 1 in. What fun!

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