27 July 2008

:: reflections in a corner of the apartment

I feel like such a fish out of water that I am tempted to write a parody of the Emperor Babur’s denunciation of Hindustan – something along the lines of “Canberra has no footpaths, no pedestrian crossings, no rain, no Turkish toast, no reasonably priced rental accommodation, no shopping streets, no Yulla rhubarb with ginger, no pubs etc etc”.

On the other hand, if I am going to live here, perhaps I should look for the upside, and write paeons of praise to the National Film and Sound Archive (Saturday night’s entertainment – the Big Lebowski), the little bakery I found in Civic, the big skies, houses with back yards, the cultural institutions, being able to get anywhere within 15 minutes and the way that total strangers chat to you (that is, total strangers with no appreciable signs of lunacy).

I want to write thanks to some people who made my last few weeks in Sydney so lovely: to my crew in the ‘hood, Miss J, the EcoChic and Feargal for tapas and red wine and afternoon coffee breaks and thoughtful gifts and taking care of my plants; to the lovely lovely lovely ladies ladies ladies of the TC S’n’B for champagne and cupcakes; to Mr P and Miss E for cake and wanderings.

I’m not going to talk about my new job, because I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. I’ll spare you the details of house-hunting, because it’s gruesome and boring. At some point, normality will reassert itself. In the mean time, one thing at a time. Not thinking about the past, or the future. Just going along, collecting snapshots on the way.

:: galah

:: sulphur-crested cockatoo

:: big wide horizons and lots of sky

:: wintry trees and water

:: coffee at old parliament house

:: wintry branches in the evening

:: there’s always time for old friends


9 Responses to “reflections”

  1. Sally said

    And I was going to write you one last letter at your old house – guess I ran out of time… Canberra looks wintry indeed!

  2. Nettie said

    Welcome, Ali. I’m sure you’ll grow to love it here. Although, it IS a bit cold right now! Brrr.

    Don’t forget to go to Addicted to Fabric in Philip (for, well, fabric), Cassidy’s in Kingston for wool, and the Old Bus Depot Markets for lots of lovely stuff. And you’re right in time for the Hall markets on Sunday (wear your woollens!).

  3. LynS said

    Beautiful photos, Ali. Give it time and enjoy the ease of access to the wonderful galleries and other facilities Canberra has.

  4. livebird said

    Hey there – best of luck, new jobs and life upheavals are always tough. Here’s hoping you find your groove. And old Sydney town is not entirely out of reach for desperate sorties back.

    I enjoyed my letter swap letter, thank you! Haven’t had a peep from anyone else yet…

  5. Emily said

    I didn’t remember the no footpaths. Cycle everywhere?

    Hope you find your Yalumba rhubarb – haven’t tried that one yet, must do on your recommendation. TC is a less elegant and interesting group without you, but I’m sure you’ll find a great SnB in Canberra to grace with your presence.

  6. Sarah said

    It get’s easier here and you get used to Canberra’s patter eventually. It’s quiter and seems to have a rythym of its own.

  7. Ninaribena said

    Hoorah, welcome, to Canberra Ali. You know how much I love it, I’m sure you will see what I see soon enough. Let me know when you are settled in, we could get together for a coffee some time, cheers, Ninaribena (lisa)x

  8. seagreen said

    Lovely pics miss. Nice to see you and catch up on the tales of the new city the other day.

  9. I have just stumbled across your blog via a back issue of Mixtape. Moving is hard. We moved from the country to the coast five years ago and there are days I wonder whether it was good or bad, overall good, though I miss my country winters and the smell of Ironbark in wood fires … oooh and those big spring skies (which you’ll be enjoying right now).

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