letters galore

19 October 2008

:: postcard of the SS Narkunda

I need to apologise to the letter swap participants for not being the most pro-active organiser.  Note to self: do not undertake to organise things in the middle of moving house.  Still, I enjoyed my letters from Kate, Beth and Jessica, Allison and Diana.  (to the last two: your replies are written and waiting to be sent and I will do that this week come what may)

When I was digging out stationery, I found the old postcard above.  It was in a second-hand book I bought once.  The message on the back says:

Dearest Peggy, (Hobart My Home address Hayelbrook Segerwood Tasmania)

Just a note to say I arrived safely at Hobart after a very rough stormy trip.  I missed two or three meals but was not sea sick, but very few were not sick.  We struck a very bad storm passing through Bass Straights.  One poor man died and was buried at sea at 11am Saturday morning, it was the first burial I had ever seen at sea, it was very sad, his wife was with him and she had to finish the journey on her own.

Merv and Mary met me at the boat, we were seven hours late getting in.  I might go home on Wednesday by car, I am anxious to see them all.  I can’t tell you much on a postcard.  I wrote to Avis on the boat also Ethel.

Well darling I wish you a very Happy Xmas and a Bright and prosperous New Year.  Write soon there’s a dear.  Merv and Mary send their compliments to you.  I will write more next time.  I went to Church twice yesterday, lots of love to you all Esme.

I wonder what happened to Esme?

3 Responses to “letters galore”

  1. Ambimom said

    Been meaning to say thank you for the letter swap. I received some lovely letters and am still corresponding with one of my “swaps” who lives in Australia. It turns out we discovered so many things in common that we just had to continue. So thank you. It was fun and personally very rewarding. I have made a new friend in addition to finally having a handbag that is perfect!

  2. Ambimom said

    One more thing…forgot to say, I’m in US

  3. That’s a lovely story, sad, but lovely. These handwritten letters and notes are so tangible. Email can never really replace them. I have all these communications every day that are lost to cyberspace. I don’t tend to keep or print them, but they’re important – well, some of them are.

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