what i did next

19 October 2008

  • I moved house.  The new house is a bit cold, but spacious.  It has lots of cupboards, and I like that – my old house had no cupboards at all.  It has a garden with big trees begging for hammocks, and a lawn.  It has no bench space in the kitchen, which is very frustrating, and an electric stove which has turned me into a bad cook.  It has a possum in the back yard who eats my rhubarb and my herbs.
  • I had flu, three times in three months.
  • I cut my finger, down to the bone, lots of blood, and badly enough to make me faint and need stitches.  It’s better now but still aches if bumped or cold.
  • My new job went crazy.  Two weeks after I started, my boss was seconded elsewhere at three hours notice and I was told I’d be acting in his place till further notice.  I panicked hourly (on the inside) while trying to maintain a calm demeanour on the outside.  Further notice was 8 weeks.
  • At the end of eight weeks, I was moved on to [Very Important Team] to write [Very Important Policy Document to Save World] in [Very Short Time Frame].  Very stressful.
  • I bought a bike.  I love my bike and have christened it La Bicicletta.
  • I organised internet access for the new house.  This took weeks and was extremely frustrating and could only be resolved, eventually, by getting a cable installed and agreeing to pay twice as much for half the speed and download capacity we had in Sydney.
  • I met the Canberra knitting ladies, who are very kind and welcoming.  And one of them gave me rhubarb which is about to be turned into a cake.
  • I unpacked my sewing machine and my yarn, and started making/doing again, and that feels pretty good.

2 Responses to “what i did next”

  1. moflower said

    Hey, thank you and good luck! Thinking that it’s rhubarb-time at the other side of the world while here the leaves are falling makes me smile ;-))

  2. greenolive said

    Rhubarb – I love rhubarb too. Here is a great recipe: cut into sections, juice of one orange, 1/4 cup caster sugar – bung it all in a oven-proof baking tray. Cover with foil, cook for 20 mins at about 200 degrees. Then take out of oven, stir and cook for 15 without foil. You could add a bag of frozen mixed berries if you wish at this point (so they get cooked for the 15 mins too). Check again, if rhubarb still not sodt, cover with foil again and cook for another 10 mins.
    I often do this with or without berries, its delicious hot but also cold. Great of yoghurt and also muesli for breakfast.
    Sounds like you have had a full on few months. Hope things are settling down now and it feels like home.

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