priyanka’s purse part ii

23 October 2008

Remember this little bag that I made as a gift to Priyanka, who is the child I sponsor ? I got a letter from the project last week, saying:

‘Loving regards to you from Priyanka and her family members.  They thank you for your love, care, support loving letter and gift of purse. Priyanka is very happy and took the purse in her hand’.

I was beginning to worry that the bag had been kidnapped on the way to Chhattisgarh, so I’m very happy to hear it got there in one piece.

The letter also had some sad news:

‘We are very sorry to inform you the sudden death of Priyanka’s Father. On 14th June he was on the mango tree to pluck the mango for pickle and meanwhile one of the branches broke down and he fell down and on the spot he died.”

What do I say when I write back? What do you say to an eight year old girl who has lost her father? A girl in a country where an already hard life is even harder for the widows and the fatherless. What do I say?

3 Responses to “priyanka’s purse part ii”

  1. Michelle said

    Oh, that’s a hard one. I think I’d probably tell her that I thought of her every single day.

  2. Steph Vw said

    I think that you say the same thing you would to any child facing that loss: That you’re sorry her father is gone and that your thoughts are with her and her family.

    When my mom died, it was that simple sentiment that made the most sense. Everything else seemed like people were trying too hard to make it better, which is absurd.

    You’re a very kind sponsor.

  3. You do the same as you would at home. You offer your sorrow. You will be one more person in their circle that knows of this tragedy and has some feeling for their loss.

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