appealing to the wisdom of crowds

28 November 2008


I need some help.  My grandmother wants to buy me ‘something for the kitchen’ for Christmas.  But because my grandmother is not too steady on her feet these days, my father is going to buy the gift on her behalf, so that she doesn’t have to totter round the shops on her own.  Only, because my father lives some 500km away, he’s going to buy the gift on-line.  The budget is AUD$50 to AUD$70.

I would like some mugs or cups so as to have something nice for offering tea to visitors (currently visitors get my mug while I pretend I’m not thirsty, or they get the hideous mug with fake Aboriginal art on it, which we privately refer to as the Cup Of Crass Colonialism, and which we’d throw away except then we could only entertain one visitor at a time).

I’ve been clicked through pages and pages of blah on etsy, I’ve googled, I can’t find anything I like. I love Japanese ceramics.  I like simple things.  I really like these but they’re out of the budget range.  Does anyone else have any ideas?


4 Responses to “appealing to the wisdom of crowds”

  1. kuka said

    hhhmmmm.. the Maxwell & Williams cherry blossom range is pretty cute and simple –
    (those are 200mL, there is a bigger size too, but I like these ones cos the saucer is so cute!)
    I’m not sure where you’d get them online, but i’m sure someone would sell them =)

  2. lainevierge said

    I love these.

  3. like kim said – they have a great range and are very good with the posted itemms. I have friends how use them regularly.

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