mustard and denim

9 December 2008

A couple of things I sewed some time ago.


Another version of Simplicity 4589, this time cut a bit longer and a bit looser.  I’ve been wearing this to work with wide-legged black pants and a big belt to cinch it in at the waist.  The colours look better in this shot:



Another version of Machiko Kayaki’s Skirt a la Carte, shorter and in dark denim.  Substitutes for jeans-on-Friday without being jeans (yes, I’m having dress code adjustment issues again).


Please compliment the  jeans detailing.  It took for-e-ver and I need affirmation that I didn’t waste those hours of my life.

9 Responses to “mustard and denim”

  1. kuka said

    dude, the detailng is AWESOME!!!!

  2. Meririsa said

    VERY professional-looking! wow! You are clever!

  3. Emma said

    The detail is awesome, totally worth the effort!

  4. Serena said

    Oh my goodness! The detailing is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is absolutely perfect. Actually, when I saw the skirt, I had to scroll back up to make sure you said that you made it. I want one!

    I really, really like the blouse, too. Lovely. The way you’ve been wearing it sounds like it’s very flattering!

  5. Michelle said

    You are INSANE for doing that jean skirt detailing! I had to read your description twice, as I thought you’d adapted an existing pair of jeans into a skirt!

    The top is gorgeous. I love the stuff you make.

  6. Meghan said

    Never in a million years would I have guessed that you made that skirt. It looks so perfect and professional–a true testament to your skills!

  7. Sally said

    Just like a bought one. Definitely worth it. Anyway if you calculate it on a effort per wear basis, if you wear the skirt 100 times it becomes negligible effort…

  8. Jen said

    Hmmmm, topstitching! Bravo! Can you tell me… will you tell us… what machine did you use to get through all those layers of denim? I never manage to topstitch with my ordinary machine…

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