the skirt as facade

9 December 2008


I first saw the Trellick Tower skirt on needled.  This was back in the old days, before there was a global financial crisis, in the golden age of economic expansion when the boom was going to last forever and the exchange rate was good.  I have a soft spot for Trellick Tower, because I used to live in that part of west London, and it was one of my landmarks.  So I took me immediately to Clothkits and bought two skirt kits, because I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the facade or the full picture.


When the package arrived (and what a lovely package, with everything you need to make the skirt all nicely wrapped and tied with a polka-dot ribbon) I had much amusement with the facade skirt, making Mr MachenMachen (an architect by trade) guess the building.

He:  “It’s L’Unité d’Habitation!”

She:  “Nope!”

He:  “Umm, Mies Van Der Rohe?”

She:  “Null points!”

He:  “Please tell me you haven’t bought a skirt by Norman Foster…”

She:  “Darling, I promise you I’ll never bring a Norman Foster skirt into the house so long as you live.”

He:  “I give up, and resign myself to the inevitable damage to my modernist cred.”

She:  “It’s Trellick Tower! And you lose points for conflating modernism and brutalism.”

He: “I’ve taught you well… Promise me you won’t wear it to my work Xmas party.”

She:  “Why not?  Worried I might make your boss play Guess the Facade?”

He:  “You’d lose.  I just don’t want people to think I made you wear it.”


I did modify the skirt slightly, by putting some darts in the top (so the balconies get a slight kink in them), because my hips are a full size bigger than my waist.  I also put an invisible zip in the bottom of the back seam, so I can ride my bike in it.  Now I’m off to make the other one (and to see how many architects stop me in the street).

(PS – for Kuka and Bells who admired my sandals last night:  they’re available here)

7 Responses to “the skirt as facade”

  1. wazzuki said

    looks great! I like the addition of the bicycle zip . . .

  2. Michelle said

    Wonderful idea for a skirt! The zip for bicycles riding is inspired. And I lovee your sandals – I didn’t see them last night.

  3. Michelle said

    P.S. Which colour did you get in the full Trellick skirt kit?

  4. me said

    The full Trellick is ‘municipal green’ and the one above is ‘eau de nil and magenta’

  5. 2paw said

    I just adore that skirt!! It’s fabulous!!

  6. LynS said

    I love architectural patterns – this is great. I have the same funkis sandals in yellow – snap!

  7. bells said

    oooh! It’s fabulous. You are so clever, invisible zip sounds like a great idea.

    Lovely to see the shoes again and thanks for the link!

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