interview with hiroko takahashi

14 December 2008

“I want to make things in such a way that everyone involved in the item, including the people making it and the people using it, will all be happy. There is an underlying presence of history, skills, craftsmanship, and tools for everything, but it’s naturally quite difficult to sense such things. And if you think about the global environment, now is an era where unnecessary things shouldn’t be produced at all. That’s why as a creator I want to convey such messages, while cherishing the process at the same time. And by sensing such things, I think the feeling of treasuring something will come to the user too.”

Go read the rest. Hiroko Takahashi is doing some really interesting and beautiful work, re-engaging with traditional craftspeople to create modern designs.

(edited to fix the link).

One Response to “interview with hiroko takahashi”

  1. Bethieee said

    Hey there,
    I’d love to read the rest of the interview, but your link appears to be broken.
    Oh, by the way, I got your letter from the swap, and completely understand about being swamped. I hope the new place is treating you well!

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