18 January 2009


I decided the coffee plunger needed a cosy, to keep it, y’know, cosy-like.

So I made one.  Improvising with a stitch called Wasp’s Nest.

That’s all.



:: booty after raiding the inlaws’ orchard

I forgot to wish you a happy christmas or whatever you celebrate that time of year.

I forgot new year as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading in 2008 and welcome to 2009.  May it bring you what you wish for.

If you want some holiday reading and/or pretty pictures to look at and/or links to click on, there is a thoughtful piece on wabi sabi on Emma’s blog.

I am not making new years resolutions this year, but I do hope that, having organised my yarn stash with photos and catalogue and designated storage areas as one of my last acts of 2008, I can keep it that way in 2009.  Behold!