18 January 2009


I decided the coffee plunger needed a cosy, to keep it, y’know, cosy-like.

So I made one.  Improvising with a stitch called Wasp’s Nest.

That’s all.

9 Responses to “cosy”

  1. Rebecca said

    The Wasp’s Nest stitch looks great – it’s a great project to try new stitches on!

  2. Emma said

    I like it! The stitch pattern looks great as a cosy.

  3. Michelle said

    It looks beautiful! I love that stitch.

  4. alison said

    Yup, it’s my favourite new stitch. A bit full-on for anything large though – it may be limited to teacosies only.

  5. Terri said

    I love it!

  6. Emmy Lou said

    and what’s amazing is they really do keep your coffee hot so much longer! super cute by the way!

  7. hey that looks fabulous

  8. seagreen said

    oooh yeah super spunky and Danish modern looking.
    Nice work!

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