apron action

15 February 2009


My niece got a play kitchen for her third birthday, so I made her an apron to go with it.

I used this tutorial (pdf)  to get the size right (I hope), because I really have no idea how big kids are at different ages.


I used one of Aunty Cookie‘s printed panels for the front, and added a double welt pocket instead of a patch pocket, because I didn’t want to cover up any of the gorgeous pattern.


The back and the buttons come from Prints Charming.

I was so taken with the red-and-white freshness and the apron-ness (I know that’s not a word, but I mean the feeling that aprons incite, of determined and useful activity and competence and creating and yummy treats and fingerpaints), that I decided I needed one too.


Mine uses the pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing.  It’s got cunning litle pleats and some side shaping so it’s ever so flattering.


And it’s reversible! I may never take it off.

7 Responses to “apron action”

  1. Emma said

    I like the graduating dots fabric, it looks great as an apron.

  2. Michelle said

    That looks great! They both look great!

    You can never go wrong with red and white, in my opinion.

  3. greenolive said

    Determined and competent – they describe perfectly the feeling you get with an apron on. Almost like you can take on the world and clean or bake your way out of any mess, trouble or sticky situation. The very few times I have put one on I feel that I’m saying ‘don’t mess with me world!”. The apron looks great, I have that book so maybe I should have a second look at that pattern!

  4. carollai said

    what a great site! 🙂 love these aprons too.

  5. katie said

    Hi Alison thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I love that pattern and was SO inspired when I saw your original wasp bag (and the lady I made it for just loves it too). I adore the shaped handle and little button. I have filed away the pattern for futrue use. The pattern was a little hard to follow but it was probally me trying to do it and 10.00 pm and having NO patience with reading. Im just glad it turned out at all hehe Must be one of the hardest parts of writing a pattern though getting all of what is in your head and what you did and trying to explain it. diagrams or pictures usually are a big help to me.

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern.

    Loving these aprons too – how cute is that Aunty Cookie fabric? Have you taken it off yet lol

    Kt 😀

  6. shaina said

    I also love the cute apron you are sportin’. It’s adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, regarding the Wasp Bag post. It is actually my favorite purse, and I plan on making more with different fabrics. I think because I am new to sewing, I simply had a hard time figuring out the instructions. It’s totally my beginner inept-ness.
    As for assembling it, I sewed together the top pieces to form a loop (which closed off the sides) and I just made two inside pockets on the lining. Then I assembled it inside out, with the outer bag sewed to the outer top, and the lining sewed to the inner top. I also added an extra layer of felt between interfacing, to make it more sturdy. I really do love it, and I’m sorry I said it was a pain to do. I go back to the “I’m a beginner sewer” excuse.
    Thanks for making the purse available.

  7. Emily said

    OMG- seriously could the polka dots be cuter? Oh wait, it could, when you flip it over to the other side. Go figure, adorable. I adore it. -e

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