up-cycled-re-purposed-prettified bag

11 March 2009


Working in a field that concerns itself with environmental impacts, I get a lot of re-usable shopping bags. It seems like every conference, seminar, workshop and field day I’ve been to for the last nine years has sent me home with yet another, mostly too small to be useful, or just plain ugly.

I decided to pretty up one of them that was a good size, but not attractive, being plain black polyester with conference logos on it. So I added some Auntie Cookie fabric to the outside to cover the logo, and created a lining in hand-printed fabric from Yoshi Jones, with a drawstring to keep everything in the bag, and a key-clip because I had a clip and some red ribbon handy. It’s a bit wonky because the the original bag was very stiff and hard to sew, not to mention awkward. But it looks a thousand times better, and I think is a thousand times more useful, than it was before.

The good news is I am giving this bag away – go here for the details.

Click through for more pictures.


:: from the front.

cookietote3:: lining and inside.

5 Responses to “up-cycled-re-purposed-prettified bag”

  1. bells said

    oh how gorgeous. What a nice way to do them up!

  2. bells said

    the link to the give away details doesn’t work….

  3. Emma said

    I like it, what a great idea!

  4. Michelle said

    That is such a clever idea. Nice way to jazz up what could be a potentially ordinary bag!

  5. seagreen said

    Such a good idea for those naff conference bags. Why on earth do people think that we want to advertise their fleeting moment of events management glory every time we do the grocery shopping? Baffling. How much more fun would it be if conferences had a stitch and bitch table where you could decorate your own bag to take away – if you needed one.

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