4 April 2009

How to utterly, utterly neglect a blog:

  1. Don’t write anything new
  2. Distract yourself every time you think you should perhaps write something new
  3. Repeat, as neccessary.


In other news, I made a simnel cake last weekend.  It turned out pretty damn fine, as you can see from the picture above.I used this recipe, but with marmelade instead of jam, because that was what I had, and mine took about half an hour longer to cook than the stated time in the recipe.

Wikipedia reckons simnel cakes are a mothers’ day tradition.  Australia’s mothers day is not for another month, and my mother used to always make simnel cakes around easter, so I shall stick to my tradition and have my cake now.  Turning into my mother?  Perhaps, but it may not be all bad.

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