shrug your shoulders

6 April 2009


I made this shrug to go with a fabulous frock (also pictured, I wish I could say I  made it but no) to wear to a wedding a few weekends ago.  I always have a minor crisis when wedding invites arrive because, oh noes, what to wear?  Despite agonising for weeks each time, I always end up feeling that my outfit is ALL WRONG, too black, too plain, too dull, too covered up.


So for this wedding, I was determined to be BRIGHT and FROCKED and FABULOUS.  I almost made the shrug hot pink, but chickened out at that much colour and went for sensible navy instead.  Besides, when am I ever going to wear hot pink again?


The pattern comes from Lace Style, and it’s a pretty easy and quick knit.  I made the smallest size, which came out just a little bit tight.  I think I scrubbed up OK for the wedding, and anyway, after a few champagnes and watching the bride’s uncle do the chicken dance, I shrugged my shoulders, kicked off myshoes and had a great time.  Because when it’s not your wedding, it’s not about you.

6 Responses to “shrug your shoulders”

  1. Michelle said

    I think the shrug is fabulous! And that dress – oh my. I have been thinking of putting an outside zipper in a dress since I first saw it in Sew Hip. But I don’t wear dresses. Maybe I should!

  2. LynS said

    Looks great – both dress and shrug. I’ve been planning to make this pattern for my daughter for ages, but it keeps slipping down the queue. You’ve re-enthused me.

  3. bells said

    ha! Cute! I feel the same about my usual wedding outfits too so last year let a friend dress me in something un-me – a floral dress and a shawl worn as a shrug. It works, huh?

  4. Emma said

    The shrug matches the dress perfectly, and the dress is dynamite!

  5. […] zipper tape is on the outside of the garment – I got the idea from the dress you can see in this blog entry (which, by the way, is an example of a full skirt that I CAN wear). I really like this look, so I […]

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