more traditions

12 April 2009


:: one-a-penny, two-a-penny

Hot cross buns!  I used Delia Smith’s recipe and it worked beautifully. Yeasty spicy fruity buns with shiny sugar tops.

Sally and Kim gave me Delia Smith’s How to Cook for my 21st birthday, I suspect because I could only cook pasta and stir fry at the time and Sally was ready for some variety in her diet.  My version of Delia’s now an endearing relic of the time before the foodie revolution, but by golly she’s still useful when you want something solid and old fashioned.  No raspberry jus or avocado foams for Delia.  She still puts ‘pizza’ in inverted  commas and there’s not an Asian ingredient to be seen.

(I have this version of Delia, and the resemblence to Janette Howard is such that Mr Machen sometimes refers to Delia as Janette).

Happy easter/ostern/equinox/spring/autumn/whatever you celebrate this time of year.

2 Responses to “more traditions”

  1. Michelle said

    I love hot cross buns. One day I will make them too, rather than relying on Cornucopia and the organic bakery at the markets!

    Hope you’re having a great easter.

  2. Sally said

    They look lovely! If I send you a penny can you send me one in the mail??

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