16 April 2009


I’ve written before about my problems with finishing things.  The second Trellick Tower skirt is a case in point.  A few hours to cut out, a few hours to sew, two months to get around to doing the hem so it could be, y’know, actually worn on the body rather than left on a hanger.  At least on the hanger you can see the secret pink lining.


Thanks to J for this photo.

3 Responses to “finishing”

  1. LynS said

    I just love this fabric – and it looks great in the pic. I work at the top of the much-maligned UTS Tower in Sydney and fantasise that there could be a fabric featuring this classic example of early 70’s concrete brutalism.

  2. Michelle said

    Such a fab skirt, and I love the colour on you! Will this be making an appearance at the Dickson Pool in Summer 09/10?

  3. MIssJ said

    It looked very spunky on, I have to say. PS Lyn what a fab idea! The UTS Tower would make a great fabric print.

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