the problem with finishing…

19 April 2009


… is that you can then see what’s wrong, and you can see how much trouble it will be to fix it.  And you know if you don’t fix it, you won’t wear it.  Or you might occasionally forget what’s wrong with it and wear it, and whatever’s wrong will go wrong, usually in a way that will somehow be embarrassing. But you are too disheartened to fix it straight away.  So the finished flawed object will sit in a dark cupboard, waiting for you.  Sometimes for years.  It will give you twinges of guilt every time you open the cupboard, because you loved it more when it wasn’t finished, but you don’t love it enough to fix it right now, this minute.

This is the finished Yellow Cherry (previously).  The neckline is wonky, but I’m confident that can be fixed easily.  The armholes are too long (the bits that should be in my armpits are about 2 inches below my armpits, so when ever I lift my arms, there are great folds of fabric around my shoulders, and the buttons  pop open.  The only way to fix this is to unpick the sleeves, unravel the upper body and re-knit it to a shorter armhole, and then unravel and re-knit the sleeves.  And for now, I have no appetite to do this.  Especially as it’s now truly autumn, getting cold, and I’m not going to be able to wear the damn thing again till November.

I should say, one thing went really really right with this project – I finally worked out how to do mattress stitch (for non-knitters – this is a way of joining knitted pieces together in a smooth, almost invisible seam).  Actually, two things, I am very pleased with the colour combination of mustardy-yellow (Jo Sharp Soho Summer Cotton, in Freesia) and dirty rich purple on the buttons and ribbon.

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6 Responses to “the problem with finishing…”

  1. Jen said

    Ah Ali, I sympathise. The perils of knitting… Sometimes I can’t even finish a project when I know something is going wrong. I’ve been thinking about how to suss out beforehand how a pattern is going to work. Not many Australian patterns seem to include schematics (I wrote to ACS about this, and got a rather snotty response, but note they have very basic measurements on their diagrams now). Have been wondering about plotting the anticipated size on a diagram, once I’ve done my tension square.

    Have you got any ideas about the sizing issue in advance?

    It’s a lovely top, and I agree, the colour scheme is great – reminds me a bit of the top you sewed this summer, that you said you wear with a cinched belt (the famous simplicty pattern that ate the internet).


  2. jesshagman said

    Fit issues aside, the sweater looks great. I love that yellow.

    Issues like this are partly why I’ve stuck to hats and socks so far in my knitting, instead of trying the beautiful sweaters and such that are out there. I’m starting a baby-sized sweater though, so hoping to get work up from there.

  3. carollai said

    yes. have def been there. wow. i’m amazed at the sweater, even with its wonkiness. 🙂

  4. I sympathize with you. I’ve been there sooo many times. Which is why I now only do “neck down” or “circular” knits for for sweaters or tops. Don’t get too disappointed …You’re stitches are fabulous!

  5. Didi said

    Well I understand what you mean, but this is what I would do: I would not undo it now, that’s for sure. I would be happy enough to have compleated it and to know I knew where the problem was AND I would do another one with the proper corrections and use it. I suppose when spring comes and you start wearing it and feel it so great that you’ll remember you’ve ALMOST got another one (you only have to undo part of it so you’re half way there!)
    Insane? …. lol you shouldn’t have asked!
    Great blog.

  6. Emma said

    It’s very pretty, but I can understand your frustration with it not being quite right. Perhaps it needs to sit and have a think about itself for a while.

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