on the needles: dispatches from the graveyard of neglected projects

26 April 2009

A bunch of pictures of all the unfinished knitting projects I have.  Because starting is so much more fun than finishing….

surface-knitty1:: surface from knitty.
So far I really like the colour and the texture of this yarn.  I have a feeling this one is going to turn out well.

graveyard4::  jacket.
Had to rip the sleeves out and start again – I forgot where I was up to and I was trying to be tricky and do both sleeves at once in the round which was becoming annoying.


:: Bex’s GLiB socks.
Not happy with the yarn.  The colours are too complex to show off the nice stitch pattern.  See how pretty the colours look on the foot?  See what a dogs breakfast they look on the ankle? Meh.


:: tea cosy.
Not much to see yet.  Just using up scrap yarn


::  cowl.
I can’t remember when, where or why I started this.  Hey ho…


:: scarf
For mr machenmachen’s last  birthday, now postponed to his coming birthday.  Or maybe the one after that.  Lives in my drawer at work so I can work on it on the days when I actually get a lunch break.  Not so much, lately.


::  long skinny green scarf
Which was going to be finished for spring last year and now might be finished for spring this year… or not.

4 Responses to “on the needles: dispatches from the graveyard of neglected projects”

  1. Michelle said

    I’m with you – love starting new project, love finishing them, but it’s the in-between that I find quite ordinary.

    Hope you can find a lunch break in your day soon!

  2. Emma said

    I’m a victim of startitis as well! There’s surely a support group for the likes of us. I too hope your lunch times free up soon for knitting.

  3. Nettie said

    It’s a brave woman who would show all her neglected projects. Well done.

    Now get knitting. 😉

  4. so many projects and so few lunch breaks. The start is the most exciting isn’t it. I kind of dread the end in case I’m not at all happy with it.

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