cosy coffee cup cover

21 June 2009


The I-am-not-a-paper-cup functions on three levels: it lets me feel smug about avoiding disposable cups, it boosts my design pretentions by being much cooler* than yer ornery travel mug, and it holds coffee.  The last is probably the most important.

But the days are cold, and the walk from the coffee shop to work is long enough to cool my latte to an unappetising tepidness.

So I corrupted the slick modern design-y-ness of my I-am-not-a-paper-cup by knitting it a cosy.  I did try, as far as possible, to get the cosy to look like the rippled cardboard sleeve on a real paper cup.

It’s two-colour brioche stitch, which I think is my new favourite knitting stitch, in DK yarn on 3.5mm double-pointed needles.  And best of all, my coffee is now still hot when I get to my desk.

*actually, what I like best about it is that it’s porcelain.  I cannot stand drinking out of anything plastic, it gives me the heebie-jeebies.


A bag of goodies for a new little person who will be arriving soon to stay with friends of mine.

The bag fabric comes from greenolive design.

The pattern for the shoes comes from the Meet Me At Mikes book, designed by Allison Jones.  The monkey fabric on the back comes from aranzi aranzo, and the monkeys on the toes are recycled from some old pyjamas.

The vest is my own design, using Zara yarn.  If the parents of this new baby confirm that it’s a good fit and a practical garment, I’ll write up the pattern and make it available to knit.  It was heavily inspired by Whitney Van Nees’ Cabled Baby Vest, which unfortunately is sized for a nine-month old, not a newborn.

I didn’t want to give the elephant away, so I took Emma’s advice and stuffed him into a dark cupboard for a few weeks before putting him in the parcel.

all about (me)me

18 June 2009

LynS has invited people to tag themselves for this meme, and while I usually stay away from these (blogging is self-promoting enough, no?), I was inspired by Lyn’s thoughtful answers.
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oh hi!

17 June 2009

Sorry about that long silence.  My laptop broke right after a very busy time.

But now I have a new one, and soon there will be pictures and words and so on.

(Hello?  Is anyone still there?)