oh hi!

17 June 2009

Sorry about that long silence.  My laptop broke right after a very busy time.

But now I have a new one, and soon there will be pictures and words and so on.

(Hello?  Is anyone still there?)

7 Responses to “oh hi!”

  1. ginevra said

    Hi. Still here through the wonders of Google Reader 😉

  2. missfee said

    same google reader rocks

    and I have missed you

  3. gene said

    another google reader user here! welcome back! 😀

  4. ambimom said

    Me too, google reader! Hi back. Welcome back!

  5. LynS said

    Glad to have you back. I’ve also missed you.

  6. Sally said

    Yes I am still here, and I am halfway through making another wasp bag so I will soon be ready to tell you the promised feedback on your pattern instructions… I use bloglines.

  7. Emma said

    Still here too, but by the (sometimes unpredictable) magical Ravelry blog reader list thingy, rather than google reader.

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