for a new little person

20 June 2009

A bag of goodies for a new little person who will be arriving soon to stay with friends of mine.

The bag fabric comes from greenolive design.

The pattern for the shoes comes from the Meet Me At Mikes book, designed by Allison Jones.  The monkey fabric on the back comes from aranzi aranzo, and the monkeys on the toes are recycled from some old pyjamas.

The vest is my own design, using Zara yarn.  If the parents of this new baby confirm that it’s a good fit and a practical garment, I’ll write up the pattern and make it available to knit.  It was heavily inspired by Whitney Van Nees’ Cabled Baby Vest, which unfortunately is sized for a nine-month old, not a newborn.

I didn’t want to give the elephant away, so I took Emma’s advice and stuffed him into a dark cupboard for a few weeks before putting him in the parcel.


One Response to “for a new little person”

  1. Michelle said

    Cute, cute, cute! That is a great use for greenolive fabric. And the little slippers! So cute!

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