cosy coffee cup cover

21 June 2009


The I-am-not-a-paper-cup functions on three levels: it lets me feel smug about avoiding disposable cups, it boosts my design pretentions by being much cooler* than yer ornery travel mug, and it holds coffee.  The last is probably the most important.

But the days are cold, and the walk from the coffee shop to work is long enough to cool my latte to an unappetising tepidness.

So I corrupted the slick modern design-y-ness of my I-am-not-a-paper-cup by knitting it a cosy.  I did try, as far as possible, to get the cosy to look like the rippled cardboard sleeve on a real paper cup.

It’s two-colour brioche stitch, which I think is my new favourite knitting stitch, in DK yarn on 3.5mm double-pointed needles.  And best of all, my coffee is now still hot when I get to my desk.

*actually, what I like best about it is that it’s porcelain.  I cannot stand drinking out of anything plastic, it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

8 Responses to “cosy coffee cup cover”

  1. bells said

    oh I want one. Cup and cosy. I’ve just gone and read all about the cup. MUST HAVE!

  2. oh thats great – I just did what bells did and went to the link looking for one that i also must have – so I will go check out the local link – cause the american one had $28 postage! then I need to copy that cosy!

  3. Michelle said

    That is a fantastic idea – I’m not a big fan of paper cups. Love the cozy too. I’ve been wanting to make one for my morning cup of tea at home, which always gets too cold too fast.

  4. Meririsa said

    Very cool cup – the wastage of disposable cups whether plastic or paper, bugs me. Do you find most coffee cups accept them, or do you mostly use it at the same place each day?
    HOpe you are well. Would love to hear about life in the big capital – hope our paths cross next time you are up in the “big smoke”! I’ll have bub on Friday week (eeek) and should emerge from that some weeks later…

  5. Meririsa said

    sorry, that should read “…most coffee shops accept them…”.

  6. Linda said

    Hi Alison,
    I am a second year graphic design student. I stumbled across your nifty little design while i was researching my ‘anti-disposable-coffee-cup’ project. I love it! I think the art students at UTAS would really go for snug little coffee cup warmers! Especially on frosty hobart mornings… BUT not without the ‘i-am-not-a-paper-cup’ inside it…

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