damn it all…

23 August 2009

damn it all

I am knitting like a mofo, I am a machine, a knitting queen, I am on a roll, I am so so close to finishing my surfaces and bumps cardigan (the first pic in this entry) and a couple of other things too.  But I’m going to Melbourne for three days this week and there will be no knitting time till Thursday lunchtime.  The fates, they conspire against me. Bah!



19 August 2009

Sunshine + lollipops was my second-ever knitting pattern which I  published in January, and kind of forgot about it.

Today I looked at it on Ravelry and found 31 versions of it, 214 people intending to make it, and so many kind comments about the design.  Thanks everyone!

Here are some of the versions that people have made.

sunshine + lollipops mosaic
1. theodorita, 2. kdgirl, 3. nelly the knitter, 4. reisreus, 5. betani, 6. theodorita, 7. sandyham, 8. jejune

And I want to give a shout-out to Betani, who seems to suffer from start-itis like me.  She was kind enough to mention sunshine + lollipops in her podcast.  Thanks Betani!

the joy of finish

16 August 2009

Something of a recurring theme on this blog is my love of starting things and my problems with finishing.  As part of my ongoing therapy (“Hello, my name is Alison and I’m a start-a-holic”), I am pleased to present…

(drum roll)

A finished object!


:: Beret-style hat, in Woolganics DK yarn, ‘Chilli Pepper’

(the colour is a clear bright red, which doesn’t photograph well).

It’s  for my mum. It did not take long.  Finishing it felt so good, I squealed out loud.

It’s based on this one, which I made last year.  Since then I’ve gotten much better at planning what needs to happen before I start, rather than improvising away and trying to fix the consequences of bad decisions as I go.  I may even know what I’m doing now, and it might make finishing that bit more satisfying.

I’ve written up the pattern for this hat and you can find it here.  Picture gallery over the jump.

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I have many things in progress at the moment and nothing finished to show off.  So this post is a bit of a cop-out.

My father recently sent me a cd with scans of many old family pictures.  Because he always took slides rather than photos, I’d never seen many of these pictures before despite starring in them.  One thing that struck me about them was how many of my clothes had been home made, either by my mother or by another relative.  Many of them are made out of scraps or leftovers from other clothes my mother had made herself, or in some cases are cut down from worn out clothes. I’m impressed with how resourceful my mother was, and how skillful all these women were, as sewers and knitters.

Here are a few pictures – if you click on each you can read a description.