a tribute to those who clothed me

1 August 2009

I have many things in progress at the moment and nothing finished to show off.  So this post is a bit of a cop-out.

My father recently sent me a cd with scans of many old family pictures.  Because he always took slides rather than photos, I’d never seen many of these pictures before despite starring in them.  One thing that struck me about them was how many of my clothes had been home made, either by my mother or by another relative.  Many of them are made out of scraps or leftovers from other clothes my mother had made herself, or in some cases are cut down from worn out clothes. I’m impressed with how resourceful my mother was, and how skillful all these women were, as sewers and knitters.

Here are a few pictures – if you click on each you can read a description.

3 Responses to “a tribute to those who clothed me”

  1. Kim said

    You were a cute little monkey. You looked just like yourself from the very beginning!

  2. Olivia said

    Love this post. I could do a very similar one, with knitted things by both grandmothers and Mum, and lots of sewing my mum (including several matching or similar outfits for my and my two sisters). Couldn’t match your Mum’s resourcefullness with the re-purposing of adult clothes though. Fantastic!

  3. Marie said

    What a wonderful idea to post such a great tribute! I’m going to keep an eye out for photos with my mom’s hand made garments on me and my siblings! Thanks for the inspiration!

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