the joy of finish

16 August 2009

Something of a recurring theme on this blog is my love of starting things and my problems with finishing.  As part of my ongoing therapy (“Hello, my name is Alison and I’m a start-a-holic”), I am pleased to present…

(drum roll)

A finished object!


:: Beret-style hat, in Woolganics DK yarn, ‘Chilli Pepper’

(the colour is a clear bright red, which doesn’t photograph well).

It’s  for my mum. It did not take long.  Finishing it felt so good, I squealed out loud.

It’s based on this one, which I made last year.  Since then I’ve gotten much better at planning what needs to happen before I start, rather than improvising away and trying to fix the consequences of bad decisions as I go.  I may even know what I’m doing now, and it might make finishing that bit more satisfying.

I’ve written up the pattern for this hat and you can find it here.  Picture gallery over the jump.

8 Responses to “the joy of finish”

  1. Michelle said

    Looks great! The first photo isn’t showing up for me, but the other photos are. Love the red!

  2. Emma said

    I like the seed stitch/cable combo a lot. I most definitely sympathise on the problems with finishing what you start. Perhaps a support group is in order.

  3. bells said

    oh i like! Very cute. Nicely done! Small things are a good way to make sure you get stuff done I think.

  4. oh lovely work – did you finish it thursday night?

    • alison said

      Yes I did, I was soooooo annoyed to have to go back to work thursday afternoon after SnB, I was 5 minutes from finishing!

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