more goodies for luca

4 October 2009


:: some cute little shoes

These use the pattern from the Meet Me at Mikes book.  The star fabric is from Prints Charming (scraps left over from making this hat), the plain is left over from this top.


:: a cute little heffalump

Another Elijah just like the first one, and he’s wearing Luca’s hat.

All bundled up in a bag made from greenolive’s my bike fabric.


Cos I reckon every kid needs a bag, for taking toys to grandma’s, carrying library books, schlepping PE gear, running away from home, storing precious things, torturing the cat or younger sibling, hiding secrets… every kid needs a bag.

3 Responses to “more goodies for luca”

  1. LynS said

    Lucky Luca. I particularly like the shoes.

  2. bells said

    you’ve made some beautiful stuff for Luca Alison. What a lucky new little baby!

  3. Jenny said

    nice, but ‘torturing the cat’? not funny

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