the elephant in the room

7 October 2009


:: elephant purse

Made on a whim in an afternoon.  Pattern from The Crafter’s Companion.  It’s been posted off to a mystery recipient.  Oooo!

Before anyone gets any ideas from this project and the two knitted elephants, I don’t have an elephant ‘thing’ going on.  As some of my long-time friends know, back in 1995, I bought a new watch.  Instead of numbers on the dial, it had little elephants.  The strap was made of coloured rubber, also in a design of elephants. It was colourful, quirky, waterproof, cheap, and large enough for my short-sighted eyes to see from a distance.

However, on seeing the watch, my friends and family, in a spectacular coincidence all  thought: ‘Alison loves elephants!  Let us purchase her an elephant-themed gift immediately!’  Over the next 12 years there came elephant socks, elephant t-shirts, elephant mugs, elephant stationery, elephant key-rings, elephant mouse mats, elephant undies, elephant coasters, elephant sculptures, elephant earrings, elephant book-ends, and numerous other elephant-themed objects which I’ve forgotten about and probably thrown away.

So I thought I should make it clear, again*, in case of a relapse. If you’re thinking elephants for Christmas, please replace that thought with a nice bottle of wine or a book token.

*because those with elephantine memories will remember that they’ve read this all before, elsewhere.

3 Responses to “the elephant in the room”

  1. bells said

    methinks the lady doth protest too much!

  2. Emma said

    Sorry what, you want more elephant gifts? hehe. I have a similar problem with knitting (e.g. just because it’s yarn doesn’t meant I’ll automatically like it).

    I do like the purse, the smile peaking out from behind the trunk is very cute.

  3. Meririsa said

    Ha! My mum started collecting some owls, and now she is inundated with them too! If you were into collecting things, surely you’d want to choose for yourself, anyway? Otherwise you end up with all these things that you don’t like, but feel bad about throwing away things that people gave you… Anyway, cute purse! Might need to make one for my son, who is starting to want to buy things with his own money.

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