more baking

28 October 2009

rhubarb muffins

The craving for afternoon tea usually strikes me around 3:15pm. On a weekday, this means a quick trip to the cafe downstairs, or in emergencies, the vending machine.  On weekends, I’m always frustrated by the lack of afternoon tea delights in the house, and too lazy to walk to the shops.

On Saturday, and I don’t know why, I had pre-emptive thoughts of afternoon tea at around 2pm.  So I baked rhubarb cinnamon sugar muffins, which came out of the oven just in time to accompany a pot of earl grey tea, in the sun.

(If making them again, I’d add some vanilla, because the muffin is a little bland.  But they are still pretty tasty).

3 Responses to “more baking”

  1. bells said

    yum! What a lovely combination!

  2. LynS said

    How clever of you to have pre-emptive thoughts of something so yummy!

  3. Meririsa said

    Stop it! you’re making me hungry!

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