mojo rising?

12 November 2009

My sewing mojo has been missing in action for some time.  Seems like I’m always too tired, too busy, not bothered enough.  Seems like I have too many clothes. Too many clothes and at the same time, not enough.  For instance I have only two skirts to wear to work in the summer time and one of them needs to be held up with pins.

Last weekend I coaxed the sewing mojo out, and gently convinced it that maybe we could work together and make something.  Nothing too hard.  Nothing too complex.  Just another skirt to augment the work wardrobe for summer.

I started here.  This dress was the first thing I bought after six months of wardrobe refashion.  It was fabulous, it’s a cool cotton-linen mix, and I wore it out to cocktails at Madam Fling Flong‘s and felt well glam in it.


It shrank two inches vertically on the first wash.  I was no longer the cutest thing on King St, rather all of King St could see all of me every time I bent over.


So I chopped it off and made a skirt, for summer.  Keeping the big pockets (big enough for a night out without a handbag), pulling the side seams in, adding a zip and some belt loops.

It’s fitting that the first thing I bought after Wardrobe Refashion should end up refashioned itself.  As for the sewing mojo, it was exhausted afterwards, but in such a way that suggests it will replenish itself soon.



One Response to “mojo rising?”

  1. bells said

    yeah! Good work! Nice save!

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