seasonal stuff

26 December 2009

Isn’t the idea of a handmade christmas charming? All those pretty matching decorations, a cornucopia of baked goodies, delightful gifts lovingly crafted just for you?

Isn’t the reality of a handmade christmas fraught? When you never even think about decorations till the 23rd, when it’s too hot to put the oven on, when you want to get people something they’d like and what they’d really like is a DVD boxed set?

It has to be about best endeavours, I think.  And you can always buy yourself something lovely and handmade.

My best endeavours this year included the long-suffering beanie, and a tea-towel and pot-mit for my mum, (which I forgot to photograph) made from this ink + spindle fabric.

I also managed some gingerbread men for my team at work.

Observe the handiwork of the icing – almost as bad as my handwriting.

And I finally got around to making reusable gift bags to replace wrapping paper. I first thought of this idea about 10 years ago. Really.

And I even made the gift tags this year too.

I reckon I deserve a nice handmade little something or two. Hello Etsy!

5 Responses to “seasonal stuff”

  1. LynS said

    I love the idea of reusable gift bags – with your permission, I think I might have to ‘borrow’ it for next year. It’s a bit late for Christmas greetings, but my very best wishes for 2010.

  2. Starla said

    Those gift bags are absolutely awesome! I really love the tags too!

    • alison said

      Thanks! The tags took about a minute to make with rubber stamps and coloured card, but I think they looked really effective.

  3. Kelly said

    It’s funny, because I thought about making bags for my knitted gifts this year but, having run out of time trying to finish the knitted gifts, they’ll have to wait till next year.

    Great idea with the tags, they look great! 🙂

    The gingerbread men look scrummy as well. I made White Christmas and Chocolate Fudge this year, but next year I think it will be shortbread and gingerbread.

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