yoga mat bag

30 January 2010

So as you might have guessed by the last few entries, my sewing mojo seems to be back.  I’d really gone off it for a while, getting the sewing machine out of the cupboard was too much like hard work, and I seemed to have too many clothes (but still nothing to wear).

Making two rounds of cushions reminded me how much I like sewing, at least when it’s going well. And I didn’t want to stop. So I made a bag to carry my yoga mat.

:: yoga mat bag ::

I used the dimensions from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing, but modified her pattern to include lining, and a pleated pocket (flat pockets never seem to hold enough stuff)

:: pocket detail ::

The outer fabric is a remnant of hand-printed hemp from cloth fabric in Surry Hills, the lining is Joelle Hoverson’s cake|rock|beach.

:: opening detail ::

The strap is a little shorter because my piece of fabric wasn’t long enough, but it’s just the right size for me.

:: strap ::

And with such a smart bag for my mat, there’s simply no excuse to not go to yoga now, right?


skirt convert

27 January 2010

Another skirt made from some former trousers.

These ones were staple work pants for a while, and then went all round India and Europe with me. And then, don’t know why, I stopped wearing them.

Using the same technique as here (pdf), I turned it into a skirt – a little shorter this time round.

It’s been a staple this summer – as easy to wear as shorts but more flattering (shorts and I have a troubled relationship).

more birds

23 January 2010

I finished round two of the redecoration project today, cushions for the couch (Thank you for the lovely comments on round one, by the way).

Here they are from the front.

:: ink + spindle ‘wrens’ water based inks on organic linen/cotton | navy blue linen

And from the back

:: navy blue | natural linen | printed birds from prints charming

These were so easy and quick to do, I wish I’d gotten around to it sooner. For the last five years my cushions have been stuffed into ill-fitting pillowcases (intended for actual bed pillows), which were an emergency cover-up for an landlord inspection, and then because a permanent fixture.

I can write up a quick how-to if anyone is interested?

haiti appeal

17 January 2010

If you’ve been around this blog a while, you’d know that I sometimes write up my designs and make them available for download here.  I’ve always done this for free, for reasons which you can read about over the fold if you’re interested.

During January and February 2010, I am going to charge US$3 for my susie pattern.  All proceeds will be will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières Australia’s appeal for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

You can now purchase the pattern from the machen|machen Ravelry store for US $3.

If you’re an Australian resident and have already donated to any Haiti appeal, you can email with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the pattern in return.

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strictly for the birds

10 January 2010

I’m kind of redecorating my lounge room. That sounds major, but it’s really only going to involve new cushions and maybe a table runner.  It was a project for the holidays, but I changed my mind a few times about the fabrics, and I am also lazy. I’m intending to make a set of summer cushions, in cool shades, and a set of winter ones in warmer tones.  This is the first of the summer cushions.

:: front ::


The printed birds on linen and denim come from Prints Charming.  The other fabrics are cotton (unbleached calico and dragonfly print) and dark blue linen.  Here’s a close up.

Obviously I need another two weeks holiday to finish my redecoration project, but somehow I can’t see my boss agreeing.