strictly for the birds

10 January 2010

I’m kind of redecorating my lounge room. That sounds major, but it’s really only going to involve new cushions and maybe a table runner.  It was a project for the holidays, but I changed my mind a few times about the fabrics, and I am also lazy. I’m intending to make a set of summer cushions, in cool shades, and a set of winter ones in warmer tones.  This is the first of the summer cushions.

:: front ::


The printed birds on linen and denim come from Prints Charming.  The other fabrics are cotton (unbleached calico and dragonfly print) and dark blue linen.  Here’s a close up.

Obviously I need another two weeks holiday to finish my redecoration project, but somehow I can’t see my boss agreeing.

3 Responses to “strictly for the birds”

  1. yes – another two weeks holiday is a must – they look great

  2. Emma said

    If I were your boss, I’d give you two weeks decorating leave without a moment’s thought.

    The dragonfly print is really lovely.

  3. […] two rounds of cushions reminded me how much I like sewing, at least when it’s going well. And I didn’t want to […]

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