more birds

23 January 2010

I finished round two of the redecoration project today, cushions for the couch (Thank you for the lovely comments on round one, by the way).

Here they are from the front.

:: ink + spindle ‘wrens’ water based inks on organic linen/cotton | navy blue linen

And from the back

:: navy blue | natural linen | printed birds from prints charming

These were so easy and quick to do, I wish I’d gotten around to it sooner. For the last five years my cushions have been stuffed into ill-fitting pillowcases (intended for actual bed pillows), which were an emergency cover-up for an landlord inspection, and then because a permanent fixture.

I can write up a quick how-to if anyone is interested?


2 Responses to “more birds”

  1. bellsknits said

    they look great! simple and elegant! Must be nice to be able to do things like that. One day, i will sew.

  2. […] two rounds of cushions reminded me how much I like sewing, at least when it’s going well. And I […]

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