23 May 2010

There have been a lot of bumps on the way to the end of this project.  Some were ‘life bumps’, which I won’t write about here (because the kindness and sympathy of friends is hard enough to bear, the kindness and sympathy of strangers is even harder).

Some were ‘motivation bumps’ (perhaps dips or valleys would be a better description). Some were completely unexpected bumps – like an unexplained sprain to my wrist when I was trying to finish this project as an entry in the Canberra Show. And the bumps you see on the garment – those were the worst of all, the slowest and most frustrating stitch I’ve ever encountered.

But now it’s finished. And I am so pleased with it.

I think this is the best job I have ever done on a knitted object. Much of the pleasure in this project for me came from little details.  A new cast-on that I learnt from Kelly‘s mum, that gave a beautiful clean edge to the ribbing. Finally mastering mattress stitch to the point where the seams are completely invisible.  Learning to pick up stitches neatly and cleanly, so that the button band sits perfectly.  Getting the button placement just right.

The minute I put it on, it felt warm and cosy and snug and right. The only fault I can find is that it’s just a touch short in the body – the waist sits a bit above my actual waist.

Pattern:  Surface, by Norah Gaughan for Knitty.

Yarn: Jo Sharp Classic DK, in Ink.

Buttons: From the button jar. I think these were bought to replace buttons on my school blazer when I was about 13.

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19 May 2010

:: neighborly, by Jennifer Casa

‘My knitting enthusiasm has dwindled to something more like realism…’ wrote Kim, ‘I don’t think I am going to get around to knitting this vest in the time frame in which Sarah would wear it’.

So we agreed, I’d knit it up, and in exchange, Kim gave me copies of all the patterns she drafted for her daughter’s wardrobe (this of course will mean that should I ever have a kid, it’ll be a boy. Because fate is like that…).

My half of this neighbourly exchange is shown above. I was reasonably pleased with it, though I’d have liked the strips on the collar to be more obvious.

Kim chose Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton for the body, and Noro Taiyo for the stripes.  The Eco Cotton has a lovely drape and soft feel, though like a lot of cotton yarns it’s very splitty and does not take kindly to being frogged.

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16 May 2010

Yesterday: pransellknit tweets me to say hey! you’re on how about orange! http://is.gd/c8BlX. I’d not heard of How About Orange before, but as ever, it’s nice to be linked to…

Today I take a look at my blog stats (see picture above), and holy moley, it seems being linked by How About Orange is quite something! So if that’s how you came here, welcome! Make yourself comfy, leave a comment, and come back again.

Once again it’s been a bit quiet on the blog. Last week I was away on a whirlwind trip to Paris and London, and in the weeks leading up to it there was a lot of preparation going on. I am really pleased that knitting is once again allowed on planes; I was less pleased with the results of my plane knitting. Let’s just say jet lag, tiredness, cramped spaces, poor lighting, dark yarn and lace are not a great combination, and I will have a lot of frogging to do, when I decide I can face it.

I have a couple of blog posts in the works which I’ll bring forth over the next week or so.