16 May 2010

Yesterday: pransellknit tweets me to say hey! you’re on how about orange! http://is.gd/c8BlX. I’d not heard of How About Orange before, but as ever, it’s nice to be linked to…

Today I take a look at my blog stats (see picture above), and holy moley, it seems being linked by How About Orange is quite something! So if that’s how you came here, welcome! Make yourself comfy, leave a comment, and come back again.

Once again it’s been a bit quiet on the blog. Last week I was away on a whirlwind trip to Paris and London, and in the weeks leading up to it there was a lot of preparation going on. I am really pleased that knitting is once again allowed on planes; I was less pleased with the results of my plane knitting. Let’s just say jet lag, tiredness, cramped spaces, poor lighting, dark yarn and lace are not a great combination, and I will have a lot of frogging to do, when I decide I can face it.

I have a couple of blog posts in the works which I’ll bring forth over the next week or so.

2 Responses to “spike!”

  1. Emma said

    I didn’t say congratulations in that tweet, which is very rude of me.

    Congratulations on you mention on How About Orange!

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